Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to change colors in

1. Make sure the colors window is open. If it is not, then click on Window in the menu bar and choose colors. The colors window should look like this:

2. Now that the colors window is open, you can left-click on a color to select it as the first color. By right-clicking a color, you will be selecting that as that secondary color.

Don't let that confuse you. Let's have a simple test - choose the bright red color as the first color, and choose the bright blue as the secondary color. It should look like this:

The first color (red in this case) is the main color. For instance, if you were to use the paint brush and draw a line, then the line would show up as red.

If you select the paint brush and then draw a line using the right button on the mouse (right-click) then the line will show up as the secondary color (blue in this case).

Also, if you were to draw an outlined-filled circle, then the circle would have the first color as the outline and the secondary color as the fill.

TEST - Draw an outline-filled circle with the color settings that we used above (red for the first color and blue for the secondary).

The colors should resemble this:

You may be wondering why the outline is so thin. When you have a tool selected, change the brush width in the top menu.

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